10 More Facts About Me

If you’ve ever submitted a question on my Chat with Chia page, sometimes I like to answer those questions in my posts. Even though some of you may get annoyed that I don’t reply quick enough, I truly am doing my best! I get a lot of questions like, “What annoys you most about Tim?” or “What are some of your biggest fears?” I answer those questions plus many more in my first two “Facts About Me” posts. Read those here and here before you dive into the next instalment below!

10 New Facts About Me

  1. I have incredibly sensitive ankles. I hate when they are touched or grabbed because it hurts like…so bad.
  2. I strongly dislike when a wet towel is thrown on a bed. Tim is the worst for that. After his shower he always tosses it on the bed. Like why?! Hang it up!
  3. I’m extremely punctual. Running behind schedule makes me anxious.
  4. I’ve had one concussion in my life. I was on a ladder and a wasp (I’m TERRIFIED) flew in my face. So I freaked out, let my hands go and fell 6 feet onto concrete. I was taken to emergency and the doctor was cute, so aaayyyye =)!
  5. I’m a huge Judge Judy fan. If I could have dinner with one celebrity, it would be her. I’d be so nervous though, I’m sure I would faint.
  6. I used to love rollercoasters! I don’t know what happened because I can’t ride them anymore. I get bad motion sickness and extreme nausea. The most I can do is Cars at Disneyland haha.
  7. I haate when people step on bath mats with shoes on. A bath mat is the first thing you step on after a shower and if it’s covered in disgusting shoe scum then your clean feet are ruined! What’s the point?! This is a big pet peeve of mine.
  8. I honestly dislike heels. I’m a sneaker, sandal, and booties type of girl. I’ve purchased high quality heels and it didn’t change a thing for me. My feet ache so bad lol. I wanna live a bare foot life with bright polish on my toes forever!
  9. I believe in reincarnation. I think that after we die our soul goes on for endless lifetimes. I also feel like our souls have already been through many, many lifetimes. Hundreds? Thousands? Who really knows.
  10. I’ve never had deja vu! I have no idea why. Have you?

Leave a comment telling me something about you. I want to know =)!