Bridesmaids Thank You Gift

Remember when I put out that blog post about how I proposed to my bridesmaids? No? Okay well, I got personalized boxes for them and filled it with some goodies that I thought they would like. You can check out that blog post here! I wanted to bring it back full circle, and say thank you to my bridesmaids in a similar way.

I got the same keepsake boxes from the lovely Kristine of Presently Plum and instead of using their name, I used a nickname or word that reminded me of each of my girls. These boxes are such great quality I just had to have them again. They ship flat, as to not get ruined in transit and it’s very easy to assemble. This time around I filled their boxes with items that would be used on wedding day and even after wedding day:  robes, jewellery, a purse, and a jewellery box!

I found some bridal/bridesmaids robes on Etsy and knew they would add a cute touch to our getting ready photos on wedding day. I ordered one (in Champagne) to check out the quality and giiiiirl, adorable! The sizes are simple: Child, Junior, Adult and Plus. Which makes ordering so much easier, especially because I wanted to keep it a surprise and not have to ask for their size. There are so many color options and even a monogram option if you want to get personal with it! You can’t go wrong with the price, too. Check them out here!


I spent some time thinking about what kind of jewellery would compliment the bridesmaid dresses because they were already sparkly enough. I didn’t want to over do the glam, so I kept the earrings simple and fell in love with this beautiful bracelet- both from Macy’s. As soon as they put their dresses and paired it with the jewellery, it was a match made in sparkly heaven! Honestly feel like I was more excited for the bridesmaids ensemble than my own (haha!).

No outfit would be complete without a purse, am I right? I just so happened to stroll through Target when I saw these purses that were a perfect match to not only their dresses, but their shoes too! Score! They are metallic rose gold, and will look great for many outfits post wedding. I bought these at the beginning of the summer and I don’t see them online anymore, but I linked some similar options for you below.

bridesmaid bridesmaid



Similarly, I was walking through a department store and saw these jewellery boxes with letters on them. The store only had a few letters available, and it just so happened to be the letters I needed except for 1. I found another jewellery box with the word “Love” on it (seen in the feature photo) and it worked perfectly! I feel like every girl needs a jewellery box- right? Can’t go wrong with a gift like that! Click here to check out an adorable personalized box from Etsy!

I packed up all their goodies into the personalized boxes and hauled them over to the wedding venue tucked away in a massive suitcase (haha). I gave it to them just before hair/makeup started and it was such a nice way to start the day. I am honored to have had such amazing women stand beside me on my wedding day, so gifting them this box was the least I could do to say thank you. The day was perfect and it wouldn’t have been the same without them <3.