Caring For My Braids

As you may (or may not) have noticed, I got me some individual braids! I have been wanting to get them for awhile, so here they are and here is where they shall stay- for 6 weeks (or so).  Even though these braids are extremely low maintenance in terms of styling, they still require care. Let’s not forget that my actual hair is still there and needs to be nourished for when the braids finally come out.


Obviously you can’t wash your hair the same way you can without braids. So, an easy and effective way of cleansing my scalp is by putting some shampoo in a spray bottle, filling it up with water and spraying directly on my scalp. I divide my hair into sections and spray one section at a time. Then gently massage my scalp to lift the build up, until my entire head is done. To rinse the shampoo, I refill the spray bottle with clean water and spray my entire head again until all the product is out.

I also like to mix a little conditioner with water and spray mid shaft to the end of my real hair and stop when it’s only the synthetic hair. I also tried a new leave-in conditioner and my hair has been lovin’ it- check it out here! It’s important to keep your actual hair nice and hydrated, so some type of leave-in treatment is a good idea. I do this process every 10 days or so, depending on how my scalp feels and how many times I’ve sweat at the gym that week lol. Without braids, I’ll wash my hair every 7 days, anyways, so the timing isn’t too different from my usual routine, only the way in which it is done.

Scalp/Hair Treatment

After my scalp is squeaky clean, I like to apply an oil to keep my scalp hydrated and feeling fresh. I like especially love a minty oil- it really feels soooo niiiice. I’ll also bring the oil down into my actual hair and stop when it’s only synthetic hair. Sometimes I’ll mix water and vegetable glycerin and spritz all over for added moisture. It all really depends what products I have available at the time of my washing. In between washes, I like to continue to hydrate my scalp with oil mixtures and anti itch products if I’m finding my scalp a little on the itchy side.

It’s also super important to allow the braids to fully dry before styling. Styling damp braids can lead to dandruff, unpleasant smells, and even fungus. I tend to do my washing first thing in the morning and allow several hours for them to fully dry before putting them up in my favorite bun.

Night Routine

Before bedtime I always have to take a shower, so I make sure to wear a satin shower cap and wrap my hair to avoid getting them wet. Also, the extra humidity can bring on frizz and no one needs that! I aaaalways sleep on a satin pillow case -regardless of my hairstyle- and wrap my braids with a satin wrap overnight. This will ensure your braids are protected overnight so you can wake up with your protective style still looking amazing!

Other tips

Anytime you are washing and treating your braids try to only work downwards. Any other direction can lead to breakage and frizzing. Also, when washing your scalp be very gentle and try not to disturb the hair too much. This can also lead to frizzing and and breakage.

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Remember: Just because you have braids, does not mean you can completely ignore them! After investing in this beautiful protective style, show those braids some TLC =)!

Braids by: Tamed by Tiara



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