Married Life

Well, I don’t really know where to start with this one. In case you’re new to Just Peachy or you missed the (multiple) posts on social media, Tim and I got married! We are officially now living the married life and it is…awesome! Granted it’s only been about 2 weeks (lol), but still! I totally disappeared from blogging for awhile, and it’s because there was so much on the go I couldn’t put together 2 sentences for the life of me. That, and I truthfully just wanted to live in the moment because I was told by several people, “Enjoy everything because it will go by so fast.” And it did. It totally did.

I don’t really have a direction with this post. So, I apologize if I sound like I’m just blabbing on about nothing. I guess I’m just reminiscing and keeping you posted on how things are now that we’re married. When Tim and I got engaged last July it seemed like our August 19, 2018 wedding was so far away. I felt like we had all the time in the world to plan, organize, and sort out our long distance situation. Well, let me tell you, that was the fastest 12 months of my life. Looking back, it felt like 2 weeks.

The last 12 months have been insanely hectic from me shutting down my business, moving out of my home to stay with my parents, starting our immigration process, buying our LA home, Tim moving out of his condo, packing/unpacking, moving to California, and of course, planning our wedding. Words cannot express how amazing it was to have a wedding planner on our team. We hired Holly Gray and she brought to life the wedding of our dreams. I literally could not imagine this whole process without her.

Our wedding was (in my opinion) perfect. Everyone was in good health, the weather was on our side, and if there were any mishaps or hiccups in the day, I didn’t notice a thing. I barely had my phone the entire night because, well…I wanted to be in the moment. There were hundreds of photos being taken, so I wasn’t concerned that I was going to miss out a single thing. Tim’s cousin, Nat Wongsaroj, and his entire team captured the most beautiful photos and I can’t wait to share them with you. In addition to the photos, we had a videographer, Wade Koch, and his team follow us around all day to turn our special day into a video that we can cherish forever- we’ll be sharing this with you soon!

Now what? Now that the wedding is over, Tim and I are enjoying finally living together in the same city, the same house. It’s been 7 years of long distance, so we are loving our new life! We wake up, make breakfast, go on with the day, come home, spend time together and repeat. Life is good. We’ve gotten a lot of questions about whether or not we are going on a honeymoon, and yes- soon! Stay tuned to find out where we end up going. It has been my dream destination for-ever! I can’t wait to share more with you and thank you for following along this Just Peachy journey! Be sure to follow our vlogs on Tim’s vlog channel here, and follow us on Instagram here and here. If you haven’t seen the latest videos from our wedding day and our post wedding vlog, check them out in this post!

Talk soon, beauties =)

Our wedding could not have been possible without all these incredible and talented people listed below. My heart gets warm and fuzzy thinking about how amazing our special day was and for that, I thank you.

Venue & Catering: @belairbayclub
Wedding Planner: @anythingbutgrayevents
Officiant: @davidsocomedy
In and Out Truck: @innout
Photography: @natwongsaroj
Videography: @mrwadekoch
Photobooth: @la_photoparty 
Lighting: @lightsfornights 
DJ: @zomanno
Audio/Tech: @voxdjs
Florals: @flowerduetla
Desserts: @thesugarphilosophers
Linens: @tacer_losangeles 
Rentals: @tacer_losangeles
Calligraphy: @kin.dre 
Papergoods: @foryourparty
Dress: @misshayleypaige 
Suit: @c_miloandres
Bridal Hair: @alishajaredhairartistry
Bridal Party Makeup: @face_it_sugar 
Groom’s Hair: @greymatterla
Family Makeup: @luonglastingteam