The Endy Mattress

As I settle into my new LA life, I feel great knowing I am bringing a little bit of Canada with me. No, I’m not talking about maple syrup or hockey sticks, I’m talking about Endy. A Canadian-made mattress delivered right to your door step.

You may ask, “How the hell does Endy make 1 mattress for all?” Well, my answer is, “I have no f’n clue, but they just do.” Being made of specially engineered foam, it’s firm enough to keep you supported while you watch TV, read a book, online shop, or whatever else you do in your waking hours. Yet, it’s soft enough to have you dreaming in no time.

One of the best things about the Endy Mattress is the minimal motion transfer. Tim and I have very different sleeping schedules; I’m crawling into bed at 10pm and Tim around 3am (sometimes later). My beauty sleep never gets interrupted even with Tim getting in and out of bed. In the mornings I wake up at 6:30am and love knowing I don’t have to worry about waking him up because chances are he just went to bed.

Real talk, the unboxing was my favorite. How in the heck do they cram a Cal King mattress in such a small box?! I’ve placed Sephora orders that come in boxes bigger than that- it makes no sense! Once it’s unboxed, it expands to it’s full size and, like magic, it’s ready to be slept on in just a few hours. Watch Tim’s unboxing below (hehe)!

I truly have the best sleeps on our new Endy mattress and wake up totally refreshed. We also have the Endy pillows, which are just as amazing! I’m super picky with my pillows and I find these ones are…(in my opinion) perfect. The equal balance of support and comfort is beyond me. They are like tiny pieces of heavenly clouds! Who wouldn’t want to rest their head on that?

If you’re wanting to step up your mattress game, Endy is hooking up my Canadian readers with $50 off the purchase of any mattress with my code: CHIA50. Shop here! Endy is exclusively available in Canada and ships to all 10 provinces for FREE (additional fee for the territories).

Sweet dreams, beauties!