Cuticle Oil Picks


Without further ado, here is the post a lot of you have asked for. What oils do I use on my cuticles/nails to keep them moisturized? There are tremendous benefits of using cuticle oil regularly whether you get nail enhancements (gel, acrylic, gel polish, etc) or not.

Benefits of using cuticle oil:

  1. Protects the skin
  2. Softens and conditions the cuticles
  3. Promotes nail growth
  4. Helps maintain flexibility of the natural nail
  5. Prevents hang nails

While hand cream is a great form of moisture for hands/nails, it isn’t as concentrated as cuticle oil is.  I love to use a variety of oils on myself multiple times a day: jojoba, avocado, grape seed, almond, argan, coconut, or vitamin E. You can find these oils at your local health food/organic store! Any of these oils will protect and condition the skin surrounding the nail to prevent those stubborn hang nails. Who wants those?  Not me. All you need is 1-2 drops/nail and rub that baby in!

Applying oil to the the cuticles will keep them soft and prevent them from hardening and sticking to the nail. When the cuticles and surrounding skin get so dry, it’s easy to start picking the skin and potentially damage the nail. Not to mention the awful (sometimes bloody) mess it can leave behind.  I will quickly (and gently) push my cuticles back at the end of my shower when they are the softest. I have a tool I use to push them back, it looks similar to this one here.

One of the most asked questions I get is, “How do I prevent my nails from chipping?” While there are several factors that can cause this, one reason could be a dehydrated nail. The best way to keep a beautiful manicure looking better longer is…you guessed it…oiling! Without proper nourishment to the nail, it will become brittle and compromise the adhesion of the product. Oiling will help to maintain the flexibility of the natural nail which then can reduce the amount of chipping.

Speaking as a professional nail tech, I can apply product to the best of my ability to a perfectly prepped nail. But just because you had a professional manicure, doesn’t mean you can ignore your nails for 3 weeks and expect them to be perfect. There is maintenance! Let me put it this way. If you leave a hair salon with fresh blonde hair, are you going to wash it with purple shampoo to protect it? YES. If you leave your dentist with the cleanest teeth, are you going to brush and floss to maintain them? YES. If you get your nails done, are you going to apply cuticle oil daily to keep them looking fresh? YES!!!

Oiling will benefit everyone and it’s such a simple process to integrate into your routine.  I encourage everyone who reads this post to start oiling once daily! The difference is amazing, I promise you!

Some more oils I love to use:

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