Kung Fu Panda Gelish Collection


Are any of my readers Kung Fu Panda fans? If you are, then you’re about to love it even more. If you aren’t, then I suggest you hop on the bandwagon and watch it damnit! One of my favorite nail brands, Gelish, has just released a new collection of colors to kick the winter blues, the Kung Fu Panda Collection, just in time for the new movie in theatres now! I have personally been a Kung Fu Panda fan since the beginning and this recent collaboration between my go to nail brand and a movie I love, makes me smile from ear to ear. In this collection you will find 6 awesome new shades with the most amazing titles (I’m such a title person!).

Let’s start with Tigress Knows Best, the most daring, vibrant red (I’m wearing this color in my feature photo). Gelish has an existing bold red called, Hot Rod Red, which has always been my favorite, but I have to say that Tigress Knows Best takes the cake on the reds. Besides, Tigress’s character is voiced by Angelina Jolie…does it get any more badass?

Throughout my esthetics career I feel like I haven’t found a periwinkle shade that I absolutely love. Either shades were too blue, or too purple. For the longest time I have always mixed my own custom shade of periwinkle until I got the color right where I wanted it. Alas, Gelish has a done it again. They’ve created a new periwinkle shade called, Po-Riwinkle (named after Po, the main panda in the Kung Fu series). Po-Riwinkle comes pretty damn close to the color I was mixing in the past and I have to say, I’m super excited to have it waiting for me in the bottle whenever I need to get my periwinkle on!

Snowballing on to the purple theme is a rich berry shade called, Warriors Don’t Wine (mmm, wine) with a creme finish. The warriors of Kung Fu Panda totally kick ass, so the name is self-explanatory and helloo, who doesn’t love their nails to resemble a delicious fruity wine? When I choose to do a purple on my nails I always turn to the dark purples (so dark they appear black). It’s nice to switch up the look and have a purple that’s still warm, but not so dark. Warriors Don’t Wine meets us in the middle between dark and light purple, making it a popular choice for a lot of my clients.

The name of this next color just makes me hungry, Extra Plum Sauce. For those of you who don’t know, Kung Fu Panda takes place in China and I’m personally always adding more sauce to my Chinese dishes- mm saucy! Extra Plum Sauce is a bold amethyst with a pearl finish. I love to pair bold nails with a black outfit. The contrast is sure to make the color pop, especially with the ridiculously high shine of the Gelish Top Coat that’s applied to seal every color. Boom, baby!

Next up the pink family, starting with Kung Fu-chsia. Aren’t these names just the best? Well done Gelish team, well done. Kung Fu-chsia is a gorgeous shade of fuchsia with a pearl finish. In my opinion, this color is perfect as we slowly start to leave the winter days behind and hope for a near spring! So many of my clients book their winter vacation appointments during January and February and Kung Fu-chsia is a great choice for hot getaways, but also a color that will transition well upon your return home to the cold climate.

Lastly we have It’s Gonna Be Mei, named after the newest female panda, Mei Mei. She’s so panda-licious! It’s Gonna Be Mei is the epitome of a pretty pink with a delicate pearl finish. A color like this is sure to make you feel feminine and bring a smile to that beautiful face of yours every time you look at your nails.

Do you already have one of these colors on your nails? Show us tag me, Gelish and Gelish Mini on Instagram with #makethemgelish for a chance to be featured on their page. If you haven’t tried one of these shades yet, find a Gelish salon near you using the Locator tab on the Gelish website and get those nails done, girl!


What color will you choose?